yun6propic1Yun6 Canon is back with another official video, making this his fifth video (four solo, and one

with Kings of Dreamland). This one is called “Street & My Avenue”, which is from his Finally Made It Vol. 1 mixtape. This video, directed by Joseph Wamah of GIFTED MINDZ Productions, takes place in Southwest Philly,

and depicts daily real life in the streets. You can see the seriousness in Yun6 Canon’s demeanor and the environment around him. It’s not about fun and

games while acting hard in the studio. This is not some industry type of script. Rising Philly female rappers, Mek 46St and B Dot Holla

make cameos in the video, as well as another rising Southwest Philly rapper, Sah Young.  So, let’s get this video spread to the masses!  Enjoy the

video below!


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