Here is a clip of Yun6 Canon and Smoke

Boogie live at the Romey Rome Beatz benefit concert last Tuesday in San Antonio, TX. Canon is

speaking on stage, while Smoke Boogie joined him. He gives a motivational speech about Romey Rome Beatz, and how he will continue to carry on the legacy

of Romey Rome Beatz. He speaks on Holliwood Pennsylvania, Hero The Valiant, The District, 5-6 Famalia, Kings of Dreamland, myself, and family in this

little clip. Then, he goes into “Intro” produced by Romey Rome Beatz. Part 2 will be up soon with Canon performing “Souljaz Anthem”.

Yun6 Canon

Twitter: @CanonYun6

Smoke Boogie Twitter: @SmokeBoogie

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