trunk muzik returns


Yelawolf is on fire with the new song, “Way

Out” from his upcoming mixtape, Trunk Muzik Returns. He’s got the flow and lyrics along with the dirty south influences that took him to the next

level on the first Trunk Muzik offering. The beat is a little more futuristic, and a natural progression from Trunk Muzik. In my opinion,

Yelawolf is one of the most underrated artists, period. Lyrically, he’s a beast. While, Radioactive was aimed more for the radio, there were still nine great songs on the album, in my opinion. With Yelawolf, there are songs for pretty

much everyone, featuring artists ranging from Gucci Mane to Eminem, Travis Barker to Ed Sheeran, and who knows what artist will be featured next.  So, on

March 14th, it’s time to download,  let the windows down (hoping for some warmth up here in DC), take a ride, and put it on full blast.  Although my car

is not as cool as the one on the mixtape cover, it will have to suffice for now.  Hopefully the rapid fire rhymes won’t get me in a zone where I get

caught by those damn speed cameras………….AGAIN.