Great! Look what else has moved in the Charlotte area along with me.

First we had the ridiculously cold weather (I’m still waiting for one of those 50 to 60 degree days we’re supposed to have). Now, as at least a half-

assed attempt to become a knowledgeable “Charlottean” I regularly visit the website

for Charlotte’s biggest newspaper, The Charlotte Observer.

Free paid surveys.

Now apparently according to this

article in The Charlotte Observer , Wild Boars, which range from

60 to 180 pounds aren’t your little “cute” piggies from a farm. These animals are dangerous to crops, humans, and domesticated animals. They cost the

U.S. approximately $60 million a year. Wild Boars are more prevalent in the rural areas of the south, particularly in the deep south. They can do quite a

bit of damage with their tusks. While they usually run away from humans, I suggest you don’t piss them off, as their tusks can do some damage. Plus, the

60 to 180 pounds is solid hog. I don’t suggest you take one of them on (unless you’re Bear Grylls from Man vs

Wild, who laid the smack down on a wild boar on the Alabama episode last year). I’m not saying fear for your lives but

be on the lookout for the increased number of these vile creatures. Also, it is not suggested to roast these things and serve them at your next barbecue,

unless you want to read this article on a hospital bed from your iPhone.