This is a quick explanation of the services I provide.


I have worked with several musicians and groups on promotion campaigns. Sometimes, it is as simple as writing

up a few promo articles on my website and sending them out on various social media networks. Sometimes, the campaign will be more in depth. I have built

a street team who can help out with the promotion whether it would be online or offline. For offline campaigns, I have active street team members

concentrated in the following cities:
Charlotte, NC, State College, PA, Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD.

I can also run advertising campaigns for you on popular social networking sites.



provide the bridge between a music artist and their goals. I currently work with two music artists. One of my biggest goals is to provide Yun6 Canon, (a

hip-hop musician from Philadelphia, PA, who has made incredible strides this past year), ample opportunities for touring, collaborations, merchandise

sales, and to propel his career toward superstar status. Combined with my business management degree from Penn State, studying the music industry,

constantly networking, and passionate hard work, I strive only for the best for my clients.

I am currently not looking to manage other artists until I feel I’m at the right place with Yun6 Canon where I can juggle more opportunities. I

will take artists into future consideration. I like to see great talent, 100% dedication to the music business, and how you can generate a buzz without

management or a record label.


With a minor in English (concentration in writing) at Penn State, and

a talent for writing since I was a little boy, I have been able to share unique stories and knowledge through words. In addition to my website, where I

will do write ups about different music artists and entertainers, in addition to other topics, I have written on several other websites. I currently write

on Knoji on a wide variety of subjects, but I prefer to

showcase small businesses. My writing and music promotion services often fall into the same category. I also will write biographies. In addition to

writing for Yun6 Canon, I recently finished a biography for Bobby Rome of the UFL’s Las Vegas Locomotives and formally of the Green Bay



I also am partnered up

with a talented web designer named Ramon Thomas, who can build anything from a simple WordPress to a Facebook style website, in a company called GOG Media

LLC. Some of our clients include Motor from Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang at, Joshua Elijah Reese – (Pittsburgh actor who has been in films such as Unstoppable , Homecoming, Trapped, and was

in the Kill Point DVD series on Spike TV), and Legendary Styles

(, a popular underground basketball themed clothing line in New York City.

We provide the following


Web Design
Web Hosting
Web Maintenance
Advertising – (Customers can promote their services or products on the advertising space

on any of our websites)

I am also building a directory on my website titled “Resource Links” that will give you a list of services I recommend, also

broken down by city.

To contact me, you can reach me by the following methods: