What Do Platinum-Selling Recording Artists Know That You Don’t? That

is a burning question. How is “what’s his face” famous? How does “what’s his face” cope with the daily stress of being a top musician? Sure it’s fun

with the girls, money, and fame. We all want a piece of that, right? Most of us would mind anyways. Hopefully there is an element of love for the craft

of music involved as well. Please, don’t be a “Speidi” and do it solely for the cash, then fool nobody with lack of talent. You do want more fans and

more show opportunities to showcase your craft, right? Well, I’ve got your wish!

Well, if you know anything about the music industry in 2011,

then you will know that anybody can do it themselves! Look at the success Mac Miller has had with his debut album Blue Slide Park, selling 145,915 copies in it’s first week. He did it without a major label backing him, or much radio play. Regardless that

he’s friends with Wiz Khalifa, he still had to put in major work. I could be friends with Jay-Z, Bono, Britney Spears, and Barack Obama all at the same

time, but if I don’t market myself and make a quality record, I’m not going to sell 145,915 copies of my album.

I’ve learned a lot from

mentors, in addition, I’ve spent countless days reading anything and everything about the music business. This Diy Music Guide outlines how you can market yourself better

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