Welcome to mattbible.com.  As you can see, this is my blog site.  Figured I had to utilize the enormous college debt I accrued and make use of that piece of paper that says I have an English minor. In addition, I work in management for the music industry. I work for artists who will change the entire way you view music. I am also one member of the web design/marketing team known as Dreamland Productions LLC.

No topic is spared, but my main focus is music, Kings of Dreamland, Romey Rome Beatz, health, fitness, and an occasional poem special for my subscribers. I’m sure I’ll be responsible for a few of you failing tests since you’re hooked on this site. Awesome…you’ll retain more knowledge here anyways than you would cramming for a test.

Also, a fair warning to you spam happy bastards out there…This is mattbible.com, my blog site, not my free bulletin board. You and your crappy promotional pitch will be deleted. If you want to promote your music, product, service, etc. on my site, we will talk about premium ad placement.

Oh, did I mention I will hold contests too? Get ready for some wild and crazy contests.  Those of you who already know me can expect the unexpected.  I have exclusive content for my subscribers.  Contests are also exclusively for my subscribers, in addition to the occasional poem or post I feel like making exclusive.  Now, you are free to browse amongst the site.  Get ready to laugh and learn!

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