Here’s a little collage of photos Yun6 Canon

put together for his new track “Ghost” (Romey Rome Tribute) featuring Cashdew and Holliwood Pennsylvania. The official video is coming soon! There’s

some pictures from our Atlanta trip with Rome, Canon, and myself, along with pics of Rome’s So Fly family, Smoke Boogie (Glad to hear your spirits are up,

bro!) and Money Bee. Also, there’s some pics of Cashdew, Holliwood Pennsylvania, Kings of Dreamland, and our Charlotte street team. Shout out to Bassel

Zeitouni, David Meek, Andrew Torres, Drew Lightsey, and everyone else in the pics (forgive me if I missed anyone).

This song definitely brought a tear to a lot of

people’s eyes the first time hearing it. Music is such a powerful tool, and it is the best way we can express our sorrow, our gratitude, and our

emotions. Thank GOD this is a gift we can share with the world!