January has been a big month for us already! Of course, we blasted

off the New Year with yours truly’s website. Then, after two Heidi Montag plastic surgeries and a Pants on the Ground video later this past Monday, we

released www.guaransheed.com. Then, by the end of January, in fact hopefully before I make my

little journey to the Steel City (That’s Pittsburgh for those who

don’t know) for a couple days, we will have some more websites completed. In fact, the Kings of Dreamland’s official website is one of the sites to be

completed in that time. In fact, right now, the work is phenomenal on the site. Speaking of Pittsburgh, we’re releasing Pittsburgh’s mega blog for

entertainment called Blog or Die Pittsburgh. Also, slated for release is the official website of Aaron “Bear” Mayfield, who is a very opinionated, but

hilarious writer and film producer. Get ready…2010, well it’s going to be our year! In the words of DX, I got two words for the recession! (You can fill in the blanks if you know the two words)

Download Kings of Dreamland’s “So Find I” and choose from 7 million others at