Here’s an interesting band some of you probably have heard about. If

not, then get ready to enjoy a unique mix of styles by Twenty One Pilots.  Blending pop, dance, alternative, and hip-hop in a way that hasn’t quite been done yet, Twenty One Pilots throws curve balls into their

music with the switch in the instruments in the same song.  Those changes in instruments also are accompanied by singing, rapping, and sudden screaming.

This single, which has been sprouting up on modern rock radio is called “Holding On To You.”  The chorus sounds like something that wouldn’t be out of place on a Fun. album.  In fact, when I heard this song a couple months ago, not

knowing who sang it, I thought Fun. was featured on a rap-rock song.  The verses from “Holding On To You” are rapped in a style

similar to Hollywood Undead or Chronic Future (An underrated band I liked back in 2005).  Have you heard anything else like this in 2013?  Probably not!  I

highly recommend this song!