This is the official video for my dude Thuggizzle’s hit

single, “Get Cha Hustle Up”. Request it in your city. It is most likely been downloaded by a major radio station. It has received airplay in several major

stations already. Enjoy the video below! Make sure you leave your comments on the video on his Youtube page, and my page for that matter! I’m sure you’re

already enjoying the screenshot with all the beautiful women in the video!

Oh, and did I mention, Thuggizzle is

opening for a certain artist on May 31st…I think you may have heard of him. He is a bigger Pittsburgh Steelers fan than I am, he made “Gin And Juice” a household drink. Yes, it is SNOOP DOGG!

Fans of Thuggizzle and those looking for an easy way to help donate to charity, in many cases

for free below. Complete the ads below. 50% of the revenue generated will go to Thuggizzle Cares to help the fight against breast cancer and Save Our

Children to help provide a better future for foster kids.


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