mattmalibu1I want to introduce myself for those who don’t already know (That’s a lot of you out there) about the

type of personality I am when it comes to writing about music. Now, I’m in a unique position, writing both as someone who is involved with the business

and someone who grew up a fan. I’m going to focus on more of the writing aspect as a fan in this article. Now, in the business side, it is so easy to look

at what’s out there and cringe since I believe I have artists who are more talented than most of what is currently being played on radio.


I feel I am well rounded. Like I mentioned, I think most of the radio blows. It is catered to middle school and high school kids with disposable income and

no bills…(usually their income comes from allowances, part time jobs, rich parents or all of the above). Even though when I was in middle school, radio

still had standards. Then again, MTV actually played music videos as well.

I like to bring underground artists especially in hip-hop and rock out to

the masses. Whether it would be an artist just getting their start, but has talent, or somebody who tours nationwide but most people still have no clue who

they are, these artists intrigue me. At the same time, I do not hate mainstream artists. In hip-hop, although I tend to write more about artists on the

rise like Bambu and Six Reasons, or established underground

acts like Atmosphere, one of my favorite songs of

2012 was Kanye West’s “Clique”“.

Eminem is one of my

favorite rappers (He is one of the Top 10 of all time…argue if you want). As far as rock, I do listen to a bit more rock on the FM radio than I do hip-

hop on the FM radio. You may have heard of a few of my favorites before such as Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, and Nirvana. I’ve been

called a “fake metal head” before since I like Avenged Sevenfold and gasp…Metallica’s Load and Reload albums. I never claimed to be a

metal head in the first place. I’ve been asked, how can you listen to these “sell out” bands? What do/did they ever sell out besides arenas? Funny how

some angry trust fund kid playing three chords in their garage forever wants to claim what is or is not real “music”. Hell, I can’t give you a definitive

answer…no one can.

I’m not an elitist “music snob” whose nose is higher than the air than my

last gold-digging girlfriend. However, people who just listen to the radio need to branch out more. Try having an intelligent conversation about music

with someone who only listens to Top 40. Even mentioning someone like Nas or Lupe Fiasco in a conversation draws them a blank stare. Those are likely the

same girls who like the New England Patriots only because they find Tom Brady attractive and could barely name half of the teams in the NFL.

Now, I

only write positive things about the artists I write about. How controversial, right Matt? Why is that, you may ask? Simple…I only write about people

I like. I do not want to sound like an angry, cantankerous, hater and write a bunch of angry rants about artists who will still make their money (if they

didn’t get screwed on their major label deal) contract. Plus, it keeps them trending. I just say, enjoy music, have fun, and explore.

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