It Sucks Being Broke!  Anybody who doesn’t have rich parents has probably said this phrase sometime in their lives. Hell, I’d be rich if you gave me a dollar

for all the times I’ve said it in the past. It’s always good to hear a hip-hop artist write about situations most listeners actually face. It’s the

reality most of us as musicians face until we make it.

This song, titled “It Sucks Being Broke”, the latest single by

rising Brooklyn rapper, Skipp Whitman describes that reality. The video, which you view below, is a pretty funny, yet accurate depiction of a young artist struggling past a

demoralizing minimum wage dead end job that they hate on a daily basis just to barely make ends meet. In his mind he is always just think about his music

while dreaming of leaving that job. It deserves a listen from you guys and it’s the opposite of the money talk you hear on the radio every other song.

 You can also preview and buy Skipp Whitman’s entire album on Amazon.

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