My dude, Six Reasons is back with another video! This one is called

“Fat Lady”. In this one, he does not hold back, because that Fat Lady is singing. He lets the fat bitch go opera on some cats. He goes after the

“rappers” who like to be in touch with their feminine side a bit. Of course, that means the tight jeans, fruity mixed drinks…with the straw. (Hell, they

might as well throw on some Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken, or Ricky Martin, and drink a damn Cosmopolitan). He also goes after the “Jerk” movement (which often

is intertwined with what I just mentioned above). Jerk music sucked to begin with. Now there’s six more reasons for its demise, haha! Six Reasons

shouts out the real west coast hip-hop, such as 2-Pac and Dr. Dre. If you’re offended by this song, well, then you’re either a 15 year old kid who

hasn’t been exposed to good hip-hop yet, or you’re 32 years old and haven’t experienced poontang since you were first conceived.

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