Last week, I made a mistake. Yes, even I make mistakes. I had 45

minutes to work out since I had a busy day. I was traveling back from Pittsburgh, then of course right after that I had to deal with amateurish morons

regarding my computer. I went on a super set rage and did 45 minutes of heavy lifting for my chest. I felt my left shoulder starting to hurt, but the

adrenaline was pumping and I was ‘Hulking’ up too much…ok, maybe I wasn’t Hulking up, but I didn’t feel the pain until the next morning. Luckily I

had been popping my pills and giving my shoulder the proper medicine this past week. I also did every other workout imaginable that did not involve my

left shoulder. If you watch WWE, then I know you remember when Randy Orton gave a status

of his shoulder (usually a weekly status). I think I’m about 85% now. I’m self-diagnosing myself of course. Today is the first day I am attempting to

work on anything involving my left shoulder. Hopefully I’ll be back in my regular training routine within the next week or two. Believe me, when you

don’t workout or do a half-assed workout when you feel like you can do way more, it eats at you. I am addicted, not to the same thing bums in Charlotte

are on every time I pull up somewhere uptown at night. I love using my out of state excuse, “I just drove from Pittsburgh today, I have no money left”.

Of course referencing to my PA license plate. Soon, once they recognize who I am, I’ll just say, “I don’t support crack habits”. Anyways, it looks like

an intense chest and back workout on the right side, then trying a ‘Powerflex’ class tonight with cardio and light weights.

Hey, why don’t you MINGLE this week? Valentine’s Day does not have to be lame this