As someone interested in visiting the Seattle, Washington area in the

near future, I decided to take a look at

I really

enjoyed the website. I actually got to know a good amount about Seattle’s different neighborhoods, entertainment options, restaurants, hotel deals, and

facts about the city.

The site is easy to navigate through. When I scrolled onto the ‘neighborhoods’ tab, there were drop down options from the

Southern, Central, Downtown, East Bay, and North Communities. After clicking on one of those five options, then I received a further breakdown of the


There are many entertainment options listed as well. It would be interesting to take a coffee related tour in the city, as you may

already know, Starbucks’ headquarters are in Seattle.

You can find hotel deals on the top Seattle hotels under the ‘Hotels Deals’ tab. I say

if you have the extra money to spare, splurge and get the true Seattle experience and stay near the action as opposed to somewhere in the suburbs.

Their rainy city reputation is discussed under the ‘factoids’ tab, when you click on ‘weather’. Yes, while it is true, it does rain often, many

times it is just a drizzle, and you may be intrigued to know that New York City receives more annual rain than Seattle does.

I can use this site

as a resource for restaurants I would want to eat at. They break the restaurants down by category. I can use this list and further do my research for the

top options in the city.

I would also like to mention that the sidebar is very useful, because you can look at restaurants and professional

services by neighborhood. All of the neighborhoods are listed on the left sidebar. If you click on “Northgate” neighborhood, then you can browse a list

of restaurants and professional services in Northgate.

Overall, I enjoyed using, and I will be using it to help plan my trip to Seattle. I cannot wait to finally

visit the city!