Sean Reyes has recently released the third single from his upcoming album, Know Thyself. The single

is called “Wasted Breath”. For now, Sean Reyes released a lyric video for the single, which has gained an impressive 121,000 views already. “Wasted Breath”

has a different sound than the acoustic flavor of his first single, “All I Ever Need” and his pop-punk influenced second single, “Just Another”. .

“Wasted Breath” is a song about sorrow and regret.  It is a story that many people can relate to in many different situations.  Although a singer usually

has pinpointed an exact reason for writing a song, it is wonderful, in my opinion, that fans (even if they don’t know the true meaning of a song) tell the

artist their song relates to a situation they are going through.  “Wasted Breath” is a mid tempo ballad with his full band, which in my opinion, sounds

similar to something Daughtry

would perform. I also dug deep into the 90’s and thought of Edwin McCain’s hit song, “I’ll Be” after the third time I listened to this song.  Otherwise, the song is catchy and very easy to sing along to.  Sean Reyes

has a lot of variety in his music, and I am sure that will be no exception for the remainder of the songs on his upcoming album.  Watch the video and

listen to the song below.  Also be sure to keep up with Sean Reyes at

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