Already known for his vocal chops in the acoustic singer-songwriter world as heard on his first single,

“All I Ever Need”, Sean Reyes has already made Malibu, CA sized waves on independent radio stations and awards ceremonies. On the second single off of his upcoming album Know Thyself, Sean Reyes turns up the distortion and channels his punk rock influences. I was excited to hear this song since artists like Green Day, Blink 182, The Offspring, and Dashboard Confessional (whom Sean gladly states as an influence) took me through many middle school, high school, and college memories. The video itself is very well done, and has a story to it. It carries a message many men can relate to. In the video and just within Sean’s lyrics, there is a woman who says all the right things, acts like she cares, but takes advantage of his emotions.  She stands Sean up, only to realize the men she stands him up for are complete losers.   Sean, not wanting to let go for a while, held onto a sliver of hope, until he could not take the games anymore.  The ending of this video says it all!

With over 41,000 views in just a week for this video, I can really see this song  help to propel Sean Reyes to the next level.  In fact, I feel it is great, since this song can reach out to a different crowd that may not have discovered his singer-songwriter material, but may be drawn to it after wanting to discover more of his music.   You can view more facts about the video and song in this article:

Check out the video below, and after you watch it, enjoy some of the fan reviews I have gathered for Sean Reyes. Make your own, and be featured on this article as well!


The song definitely has a Dashboard Confessional feel to it. It reminded me of the skate punk style of rock that you don’t hear anymore, which makes the song refreshing when put up against the music of today that all sounds the same and is unoriginal.

– Laura R. – Philadelphia, PA

Alrighty, I just finished getting to listen to the entire song. I replayed it a couple of times because the voice tone and style sounded familiar, but I couldn’t peg it. Then it hit me–he has a very similar tone/style to Good Charlotte! The song was very catchy and video was AWESOME! In a couple of places, the voice came off a bit pitchy, but to be honest I think that might be for added emphasis. 8 out of 10 🙂

– Amy R. – Pittsburgh, PA

I would say its not something I would regularly listen to but I could hear it getting radio play. Maybe a new Weezer, Jimmy Eat World Sum 41 type feel that would be good for an audience that is into those types of bands. Or Good Charlotte fans would also fall into that genre. It’sdefinitely something I could see getting somewhere.

-Lacy T. – State College, PA

I really liked the song. Very catchy and something I’d listen to/ buy a cd. The video threw me off. The look was more alternative rockish. I was expecting a more punk look.

-Jen L. – Peach Creek, WV

Hey man that is good stuff. Great band great voice! I would go see them if they were in Michigan.

-Craig W. – Detroit, MI

It’s definitely catchy. It doesn’t sound very complex in the rhythm but smooth and probably would catch on fairly easy. The video is pretty funny too. All in all good stuff.

-Kari L. – Uhrichsville, OH

Anyways I watched the video and I have to say I like the song it has a good flow to it. The video also flows along well with the song. Definitely could be an artist on the rise as is very talented.

-Dirk K. – Germantown, MD