Here is a quick observation of the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert last

night at Verizon Center in Washington, DC I went to with the other Matt…or Ngrave as some of you may know him as! This was part of the I’m With You tour. I thought I could fill my cup up with water in the hallway, but as soon as I filled up, “Monarchy of Roses” came on. I

sprinted down the hall, and spilled most of my water. Glad it was free. Well, it wasn’t technically. It was an $8.00 cup of Miller Lite at first.

Anyways, the crowd was pumped up, Anthony, Flea, and Chad were rockin the stage like they were still in their 20’s. Lots of favorites soon followed such

as “Dani California”, “Otherside”, and “Can’t Stop”. Then, they dove into “Ethiopia”, one of my favorites from I’m With You. I was surprised I was one of the only people around me who knew the lyrics to that song. Then, a couple surprises from the

archives followed. First, “Throw Away Your Television” from By The Way was played. Funny, I had just played that song right before we left for

the show. Then, “Hard to Concentrate” from Stadium Arcadium, which is easily one of my favorite Chili Peppers songs ever came on.

Familiar territory was once again explored as “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” followed two of the surprise songs. Then, another surprise song from

Californication was played. “Right on Time”, which combines fast rapping and slow melody. I believe Flea said something like “This song is as soft as a

scrotum”. It was hard to hear sometimes being up in the nose bleed section. At that time, I believe I got smacked with a bra that I think was intended

for the band, then I found the girl and helped her put it back on. Okay, no I didn’t…the whole bra part was made up, but Flea’s quote was not.

The tenth song in the set was their newest single, “Look Around”, then the crowd came alive for “Under The Bridge”. Someone around me

put that weed in the air for this song. I’m sure many of you have put weed in the air for that song. Anyways, as we all got higher from the second hand

smoke, RHCP took us to “Higher Ground”, back on the Mother’s Milk album. Apparently, Mother’s Milk is also what the three year old kid on the latest

Time Magazine covers enjoys. I mean, if you haven’t seen it, the kid has his MILF’s tit in his mouth. Lucky sum-bitch. Until he sees Dr. Drew in about

10 years. That looks like a scene in a rural West Virginia truck stop, except this mom is pretty damn hot, and didn’t vote for a prisoner in the

primaries. Anyways, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, the Chili Peppers concert!

The next track was another favorite off of I’m With You, called

“Factory of Faith”. After reading this, I suggest you go listen to it if you have not already. Then, “Californication” came on! More weed was lit up

around me, but I could not locate the doobie. Then, “By the Way” got the crowd fired up again. RHCP took a little intermission, which then was followed

by a drum solo by Chad Smith. Then Josh came on stage. Flea walked on his hands back on stage, then Anthony came back last. They performed “Around The

World”, and finished off with “Give it Away”! RHCP, then jammed on stage for about five more minutes, finishing off with Flea encouraging the crowd to

continue supporting live music, (Which, yes some of you cheap bastards need to…the same people bitching about spending $15.00 on a local band will gladly

pay $25.00 or more to go a club who may or may not have an actual DJ, but more than likely playing the same Top 40 that’s already on the radio) and Chad

shouting “I hope the Caps win the f—– cup!”! I think everyone chanted “Let’s go Caps”. Well, almost everyone, I’d rather chant for the Pens!

Anyways, it’s awesome show, and sorry you missed it. Next time, I want that front row!