If you haven’t heard of RDGLDGRN yet, then read my first article right here!   This indie

rock/hip-hop/go-go band from the Washington, DC area is quickly transforming from a local band to a nationwide success, including a recent appearance on

the Jimmy Kimmell show.   Any type of project with Dave Grohl drumming on it will gain buzz, but their unique sound will set them apart in the music world

where too many artists quite frankly bore the hell out of me with the same old rehashed sound.   I even got a chance to speak with Gold, who is the bassist

of the band, on Twitter after I wrote the first article.

This is another one of their singles.  It is called “Million Fans”.  It is a straight hip-

hop track, a lot different than the alternative rock/hip-hop blend used on their current hit single, “I Love Lamp”.  “Million Fans” brings out Green’s

lyrical ability.  Listen to the track below, maybe two or three times…it’s one of those type of songs you want to dig for to get the true meaning, which

is why I enjoyed hip-hop growing up, and is missing from a lot of the mainstream rap out there right now.

Here is a little

bonus!  Mario C (Of Beastie Boys fame) just remixed “Million Fans”

Listen to it on the Soundcloud link below:

Don’t forget to pick up their Red Gold Green EP on Amazon! and check them out at the DC101 Chili Cookoff on May 4th. I’ll be at the show losing my Chili Cookoff virginity as


Official Website: http://www.rdgldgrn.com/