A few days ago, I finally got the one of the thousands of burning questions on my mind answered. Who the hell sings and raps on this new song I keep hearing on DC101? I want to know, because it is quickly becoming my favorite song of 2013. Then, I hear it was by a group called RDGLDGRN (Pronounced Red Gold Green). The song is called I Love Lamp

They are a local hip-hop/indie rock group from the Washington DC area. I never even heard of these guys, even though I have attended some music networking events in DC and Arlington within the past year. They actually sound like nobody else I can even think of, incorporating alternative rock, hip-hop, and DC Go-Go styles into a unique blend. I feel these guys are going to take off in a crazy way this year. Well, it doesn’t hurt to have a guy named Dave Grohl play drums on your album either, or Pharrell producing one of your songs. The first verse starts out in a mid tempo indie rock fashion, along with the chorus. Then, the second verse will surprise you if you never heard the song yet as it breaks into rapping.  Definitely looking forward to hearing more from these guys. You should definitely pick up their Red Gold Green EP

Check out the video to see and listen to what I am talking about!  Oh yeah, also catch them at the DC 101 Chili Cookoff as well!

Official Website: www.rdgldgrn.com