I want you to think negative thoughts, perhaps different thoughts than

you have ever imagined before. Put some negativity in your lives…when you hit the gym today. What in the world am I talking about? This is definitely

not for everybody. I do a hardcore version where you need at least two spotters, one on each side every once in a while. My chest is sore as hell right

now as I am typing this. I performed negatives yesterday on the bench press. Estimate your max and add about 40 pounds on top of your max, so there is no

way you would be able to lift the weight on your own. Then as you start your reps, slowly drop the bar to your chest. Count about five to seven seconds.

Usually in a normal bench press, you’re dropping the weight to your chest in one to two seconds. Have your spotters help you lift the weight back up.

Repeat for five to eight reps. This is about gaining strength and pushing your muscles to the limit. Do not do this exercise until the end of your

workout as this saps away a lot of strength and energy. This is not for the beginner either. This will help you plow past any plateau you may be

experiencing in your bench. You can do this with various different exercises for your chest and upper back. This is not recommended for your arms or

lower back as you could easily cause serious injury. I do these every two weeks. I always want to consistently shock my muscles for maximum growth and


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there’s also a variation of the negatives I use when I am lifting by myself. This is the light version. I take about half of the weight I use for a six

rep set and I perform the same negative workout I mentioned above with a five to seven second slow drop to my chest. I’m also using dumbbells in this exercise. I still perform these at the end of my workouts every two weeks. Your last couple reps should be nearly

impossible to perform. If you feel like you can perform three more negatives after your last rep, then you do not have enough weight. It also depends on

how tired your muscles already are. Sometimes I run into a little trial and error. If my first set is too easy, then I do not count it as a set. On my

quest for the ultimate body, negatives are an integral part of the process, though painful, (make sure it is just soreness from the workout and not an

actual injury) I’m willing to take any legal means to get to where I want to be.

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