Are you looking for high quality press?  Are you looking for promotion?  Are you looking for honest music reviews from fans of your genre?  Would you like to earn from your article?  Look no further than!  I offer a few different packages to suit your needs.

Package 1:

Price: $50.00

What you will receive:

  • A professionally written article – There will be one on  
  • Promotional Rotation for one month – Your song, single, company, etc. will be promoted by myself and my promotion team for an entire month through various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Myspace, etc. You will also be subjected to word of mouth promotion.

My Promotion Team includes people from

Washington, DC
Sandusky, OH
New York City

Penn State University

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Musicians – You will receive at least 25 reviews from real people who actually listen to the genre you perform. I will post good reviews to the article with the reviewer’s permission. Turn around time depends on how fast people submit reviews to me. I require all my reviews to have details, instead of just saying “good song” or “bad song”.

A chance for you to earn money – You can earn 25% of the ad revenue your article generates forever.

For your fans and friends – Anybody who refers you to my $50.00 service earns $5.00.

Don’t want to spend $50? I have another option!


Package 2:


Price: $25.00

What you will receive:


  • A professionally written article – There will be one on  You will also receive two Twitter and Facebook promotion blasts daily from me for two weeks at peak times of the day when the largest amount of people are online.
  • Musicians – You will receive at least 5 reviews from real people who actually listen to the genre you perform. I will post goodreviews to article with the reviewer’s permission. Turn around time depends on how fast people submit reviews to me. I require all my reviews to have details, instead of just saying “good song” or “bad song”.

For your fans and friends – Anybody who refers you to my $25.00 service earns $2.50.


Can I get these packages for free?
No, it takes time and work to construct quality articles and provide promotion.   In addition, you may wait for weeks or never get a call back from newspapers and magazines until you are close to being famous.

What if there is website downtime?
There should not be, but if there is, then you will be credited for the time lost.

What is your turn around time for the article?
After you make the full payment to paypal, check, or money order, it should take up to three days depending on my work load with all of my endeavors.

Will I get famous?
Okay, that is a steep question, but I have received it. I cannot make that promise. However, you will be exposed to fans all around the United States, some rising stars in music who have opened for famous artists, mixtape DJ’s, pro football players, and music fanatics.

How do I pay?
You can send money in three ways:

  • PayPal – send it to (If you are not familiar with how PayPal works, you can either send money in your PayPal account, or use your credit/debit card.  If you do not have PayPal, I can send you an invoice.
  • Check – If you choose to send by check, email and I will give you the address.  Once the check clears, I will start.
  • Cash or Money Order – Preferably if you are local.  If you want to send it by mail, that is your choice, although I do not recommend it.

Will the prices stay the same? 
No, they will eventually raise. I make connections daily, and as my website grows, the demand and the benefits of my service will grow as well.

All questions can be sent to