In a world where the dollar gets weaker by the day in this rough

economy, our focus should switch from the dollar to precious metals. Our Government’s solution is to continue to print paper money. Paper money is becoming

more worthless. However, you cannot make unlimited gold and silver out of the blue. Investors, billionaires, and even countries are investing in precious

metals, because their value continues to appreciate.

I saw a stunning video on regarding the value of the paper dollar and gold.

In five to ten years, one American dollar will be worth $.10. Meanwhile, inflation will continue to plague the worldwide economy. Salaries are doubtful to

rise as fast as inflation, as we are seeing right before our eyes currently. Within 10 years, we could be paying $23.00 for a loaf of bread, $62.00 for a

bag of sugar, and $45.71 for 64 ounces of orange juice. I also learned that before 1971, every U.S. dollar had to be backed by gold in federal vaults,

until President Nixon abandoned the gold standard.

However, if you invested, $10,000 towards gold in 2002, it would be worth $63,000 today. Silver

is worth more today as well, although, not as much as gold, but there is not an unlimited supply of that either. A silver bullion will only grow in value.

My grandfather buys my brother and myself gold or silver coins every year as one of our Christmas gifts. He has since I was a baby, having no idea about

appreciation. The silver pricewill continue to rise as you can see on this graph. You can see the trends over a three days, a month, a year, ten years, or

you can customize your chart.

Should you invest in precious metals for your retirement? I absolutely feel it should be mandatory. I believe if we

still rely on the common 401k and social security, we are in deep trouble. Throughout the real estate busts and stock market crashes, gold has consistently

out performed any other major form of investment. If you were not astounded by some of the statistics I already stated, then I will give you one more

astounding percentage. Since 1900, gold bullion coins have risen 4500% in value. I am excited about starting my own precious metal investments.