I was the nameless driver of a corporate slave ship
Dug myself further for nothing in a grave shift
Pseudo day-dreamed of giving this place a face lift
I tried to be peaceful, but I’m forced to slander with another obscenity laced


I’m told “Welcome to the new American way”
I was lucky to be overqualified and under appreciated
The term

American Dream has been outdated

We’re victims of legitimized robbery, most of us don’t even know
It’s a scripted

disaster, we’re all stars in our own bleak reality show

Professors paint a pretty picture
We’re molded to believe

everything in their scripture

You want lies with that?  Congratulations, you are now a statistic
Welcome to the real world,

it’s heartless

Everyday’s an Alaskan winter, you never thought it could be so sadistic
Here today, tomorrow I’ll be traded

for overseas slavery

Replaced by robots, sheep, and a third world population
Now, I don’t even get paid for mental


Bottom line is greed
I feel like Phoenix, Arizona is watering my seed
I feel like Seattle, Washington when it comes to sunlight
I have Midwestern Rust

Belt blurry visions

All around me, the buildings and the people crumble in blight
Now, should I bend over in front of

Harrisburg and get my master’s degree?

Oh, I forgot, I’m already under water, no more funding for me
Should I remain a paid

actor and hide my misery?

The thieves of power don’t want me to make history
They don’t want my name in the books
One that these crooks cannot cook
It’s just another day
You suck up and smile with nothing to say

your coffee, read your paper,

and pretend this robbery will magically go away
I guess you’ll never learn

you see the last post on your white picket fence burn

Copyright 2012 – MCB

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