You just graduated from college, what is the first thing most people ask you? Did

you get a job yet, Johnny? How’s your job search going? If you say anything different, they reply with “You’re still looking for a job, right?” Terrible

economy and sky high unemployment rates be damned, most Americans think the only way to make money is to get a job. With inflation going through the roof

and salaries not keeping up, can anybody really just rely on punching a clock, and not making money for 16 hours of the day? A job can help, but what about those people who say start their own

businesses, or those people decide to pursue their dreams? Post your resumes, and keep grinding, but remember, graduating college does not mean giving up your dreams.

How does this relate

to music? Simple, many people in the older generation and most people my age for that matter feel the only way to make it in the music industry is to have

a major record deal. We’re working hard and gaining ground on music. The first question, I’ve been asked when I talk about our music was did you guys get

signed yet? Forget that we’re keeping our own money. Forget that we’re in control of our creativity. Getting signed is perceived to be the only way to

stardom. You can have stardom and be broke, remember that. We’ve run into a ton of snakes in this industry. It makes me beyond sick knowing what I know

behind the scenes. In fact, I was on the phone not too long ago with an older gentleman in the music industry. He has performed for well over 20 years. He

asked me who Kings of Dreamland was trying to sign to. I told him, I’m not interested in getting them a deal with anyone. He told me “Wow, that is crazy.

Why would you do that? You’re going to have one hell of a time making it”. I know, but it will be one hell of a ride to the bank as well a lot sooner than

you would think. I love when people talk to me like a kid because of my age and ideas. I laugh and show them with my actions.