Here’s some popular news bits that just got the


Rock Against Obama???

I guess Ted Nugent is getting a little probe by the Secret Service

as pointed out here –, after that movtivating hate speech at the Klan

rally. Okay, just kidding, it wasn’t quite a Klan rally, only a quarter of the audience might have silly little ghost costumes in their closets. I mean,

look at the audience though! Will Ted Nugent take over the top unintentional ally for the Democrats? Well, Sarah Palin is tough competition every time

she has something to say.

Musically, I’m more of a Rock Against Bush fan.

In the name of “love”

Happily ever after…well for the next

couple weeks anyways! Student and teacher lovebirds 18 year old Jordan Powers and 41 year old pimpin pedophile James Hooker are back for the next

semester…anatomy 102 has begun! Hooker is out on bail, fresh outta jail, California dreamin…about underage girls. Guess he banged a 17 year old girl

back in 1998. He popped in that Sisqo CD…and well…Anyways, here’s the story below!