For those of you who neglect your forearms (I know a lot of you folks

in the gym do…hell, I did for the longest time as well), I came across a great video tutorial last week.  There are more forearm work outs than you

think.  No, 40 year old virgins, I did not mean switching hands while you are looking at Kate Upton’s swimsuit pictures (By the way, what kind of mind altering

substances are people on who think she’s “fat”?  If Kate Upton is “fat”, then America does not have an obesity problem).  I mean burning your forearms with workouts in the gym!

Anyways, check out the video below by Lee Hayward. I’ve already noticed improvements in my grip and the weight I can lift. I’d like to think I

have semi-impressive arms, but my forearms are not something to brag about…yet.  However, I went from doing reverse curls of 20 pound weights in each

hand for 12 reps two weeks ago (with three sets) to three sets of 12 reps with 25 pound weights now.

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