As promised, Aaron “Bear” Mayfield began documenting his weight loss

journey.  This is the story behind why he chose this path.  It takes a motivator.  Not being able to do something you love becomes that push to change.

 This journey begins at Cedar Point Amusement Park this past October!



October 2012 –

I was so excited, for the first time in two years I was going to Cedar

Point and for HallowWeekends no less, my

favorite time of the year for the park. I love this place, so many great memories there, never really a bad one til that day in October. We got to the park

just in time to run down the Midway towards one of my favorite rides, Millennium Force. It’s no doubt one of the fastest and tallest coasters in the world and I loved riding it. The last time I rode it was in 2010 and it was

amazing, having rode this coaster numerous times every year since 2004. We got to the line, and like normal on a busy Saturday at CP we waited about 2 and

half hours to get to the front of the coaster. Jerico Mike and I were laughing and joking with the other people in line, some of them new and first time

riders and other vets like us. As we got closer to the front of the line our excitement grew especially mine, watching the train go up the track and then

plummet to the earth before hitting that first curve. The thrill is what I craved…that adrenaline rush. Finally, we were in the final queue, Jerico with

Mike in one line and me in front of them.  The previous train came in to the station and the passengers unloaded.

“Thank you for riding

Millennium Force riders!! How was your ride?” The ride Op asked

“Yeah!” “Whoo!!” were the


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They exited the train as they were thanked for riding Millennium.

Next up was us. As the gate doors opened, I could hardly contain my excitement as I bounded through and into my seat. Then as I went to strap my seatbelt,

I started having issues. It wouldn’t reach around me. I tried in vain to make it reach, even sucking in my gut, but to no avail. The ride op walked over to

me and didn’t even give me a sec or try themselves to get it to fit. She just looked at me, then the seatbelt and the ride and shook her head.

“Sir you are too big, I have to ask you to exit the ride!” She said

I just

looked up at her with this defeated look already embarrassed beyond belief. Mike and Jerico looked in disbelief as I just got up with my head down and just

shrugged my shoulders as I took the walk of shame. I could feel the stares and hear the snickering as I made my way over to exit gate and down the ramp,

almost in tears. For the first time in my life I was legitimately too fat to ride a roller coaster. I couldn’t believe it. I never thought in a million

years this would happen to me. As I watched from the bottom near the ramp as the train carried my friends to the top a tear fell and almost ruined my day.

After the ride Mike and Jerico expressed they felt bad for me, but in that moment I knew that it was my fault and that something had to change. I had let

myself go, and ballooned up to almost 300 lbs, very bad for a guy with heart problems.

Fast forward a few months later and I am ready to

begin my journey.  It’s the season again and I will ride Millennium Force. Welcome to my journey,

it’s going be a rough one!

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