Yesterday, MTV posted an article stating their choices regarding their

most anticipated albums of 2010. There were some interesting names on that list.  I agree with many of the albums listed on there.   Of course,

Eminem’s Relapse 2 will be released this year.  This album was supposed to be out last month, but he is taking the album in a new direction than

originally planned.   I know I’ll pre-order that on Amazon as soon as the album is available to do so. Luckily for a quick fix, Eminem just released Relapse:

Refill, which included 7 new songs. (I’m also crossing my fingers in hopes of Dr Dre’s Detox surfacing in

2010.  Remember, if you read my bio, you would know I’ve been a Dr. Dre fan since I was a little kid)

As far as hip-hop goes, the other album I’m

anticipating just as much as the two mentioned above is Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers album. I was relieved when he had second thoughts about retiring

way too early. You don’t get why I’m so excited about this album? Just give that Enemy of the State mixtape a listen and buy his other albums.

Ok…and before I get some ‘f’ bombs dropped on my comment boxes about this next one, I’m glad Kanye West is coming back with his new album.  I

repeat…I’m glad KANYE WEST IS COMING BACK WITH HIS NEW ALBUM.  Ok, he messed up a bit at the VMA’s, but that has nothing to do with the talent he

possesses. Also, with the increasing amount of music that should never be on the radio in the first place, we need him back.

It seems obvious that

T.I. will drop an album this year.  I’ve always liked his music, and I was impressed with the direction he took with his last album Paper


Gucci Mane dropping another

album, The State Vs. Radric Davis: The Appeal, is no surprise, considering it is practically already done.  Plus, he makes such an insane amount

of songs, you damn near need to hire a statistician to keep track of all of them. Call one of those crazy statisticians who come up with those crazy NFL

stats during football games.

Big Boi from Outkast is releasing his solo album called Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty…and

it’s about time.  Hopefully we may even hear an Outkast album this year.

I was wondering where the hell Missy Elliot disappeared to the other

day, even before reading the latest issue of Rolling Stone talking about the last decade in music. Finally I see she is releasing an album, called

Block Party.  Hopefully she can re-open the doors for talented female MC’s to grace the mic again…I know they are out there, but it is so hard for

them right now, because unfortunately it seems most people put them in the pile with certain trashy, talentless hoes who made female rap a joke.


knows what kind of music N.E.R.D. will throw together for their next album, especially with a new addition to their group, a female singer by the name of

Rhea, but I will most likely enjoy the results.

Blink 182 will finally release their long-awaited album.  Lyrically, will it be along the lines of

Take off Your

Pants and Jacket and feature those funny dudes who played an entire concert with the ‘f’ word hanging high above

them on stage singing about a typical American family reunion?  Or will it be more like their self-titled album, and continue to spawn off a more serious

vibe?  Or will it be completely different?  Great to see them back either way.

I remember nearly catching hypothermia on a cold rainy late April day

at Penn State in anticipation of hearing Gym Class Heroes perform, and this was before Cupids Chokehold took the radio by storm. It was an awesome

concert, even though I had a cold for a week. We could possibly see some new material from them as well.

As always, support your favorite artists

and get their music legally!