A few days ago, I got to interview quite a prolific rapper from

Philadelphia by the name of Wi.Sh. If you did not see the article I wrote last week about Wi.Sh’s video “Wartime”, then click here to get a feeling for

his music! Now, that you are feeling the vibe, let’s break down how the interview went. First, we talk about the history. It’s one

thing to read an artist’s history, but to actually hear it from the artist’s mouth is a whole different ball game.

Wi.Sh has lived all over the

U.S. He has only been in Philly for about three years. He’s lived in New York City and
San Diego
. Also, he attended a few summer classes at Howard, so he is very familiar with my current home, Washington, DC. He

graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. Wi.Sh focuses on his lyrics and creating uplifting music everyone can relate to. Bob Marley is a huge

influence on him, as you can hear the sample of the song “War” on Wi.Sh’s single “Wartime”. After working countless jobs and even interning at ESPN,

Wi.Sh can now fully focus on music.

He described his charity work in more detail. For every download of either one of his mixtapes, he will donate

one minute of his time to charity. One of his main projects is to help rebuild homes with second hand materials. His site, http://greaterthanequaltoo.com/ is

much more than your typical hip-hop “movement”. It is an idea with charity-minded actors and artists working for a common goal. The idea is to better

everyone around them, and nobody is better than anybody else. Everybody is equal. I feel it is a great concept in a world there are so many people out

there who want to do better, have the mental brilliance, and the drive to change the world, but do not have the means to do so.

Wi.Sh described one of his biggest

achievements so far, which was being able to perform at SXSW. He connected with some of his friends out in Pasadena made a trip out to Austin. He

described how everyone was really cool and said it is an experience every artist should enjoy. He did a concert there with two bands, including Guantanamo


I asked about who his dream collaborations were. I specifically stated outside of the box, since a lot of people in hip-hop, and

rightfully so, would say somebody like Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West, or another huge name. Out of artists currently alive, Wi.Sh said group wise, he would

love to work with the Gorillaz and do an animated video with them. We somehow got to talking about Blur’s “Song 2” and its popularity at football games

since if you didn’t know, Damon Albarn is the singer of both groups. Wi.sh also stated he would love to work with Lauryn Hill. We talked about how most

90’s babies do not know how she truly impacted music. Out of artists dead or alive, Wi.sh said his dream collaboration then would be with the original

Sublime lineup with Bradley Nowell.

Wi.Sh does also have a famous friend, and it’s not in music yet. He is friends with Louis Murphy, wide receiver of the Oakland Raiders.

Get to know him more here at the sites below. Also catch him at open mics and showcases around Philly and New York City!

Website: http://greaterthanequaltoo.com/.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/WiSh/102694689766748
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/WiShfulMusic