has been up for a week now. The response has been

incredible so far! Thanks a lot for your support! I am glad you enjoy my insight on the various topics. My blog last night regarding ReverbNation was probably my most informative blog

yet as far as the next step a serious musician of any genre should go in regards to promoting their music online.


Anyways, you didn’t read this article to read about my ReverbNation post, if you wanted to read about that, you

would’ve already clicked on the ReverbNation link I just put on here. Get ready for my first contest on This one is open to all

subscribers of my site. It is a and Matt Bible quiz. Study the facts on and having some knowledge about my past wouldn’t

hurt either. Whoever gets the highest score on my quiz wins $25! I will have a tie-breaker ready since I know I have some very smart subscribers out

there. I’m throwing out some knowledge, so I might as well throw out a quiz too. Unlike college, you don’t have to pay to take my quiz!

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