Music is an important factor into your gym workout. Finding tunes you

like helps motivate you to get that extra rep into your bench, or to run that extra half mile with the increased mph. Of course, I tend to go with music

that’s a bit heavy since I’m either pumping heavy weights for my chest and back or doing super sets for my legs, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Sorry,

can’t go with “Bust it Baby” or “Ignition” on the lifting mixes. And hate to disappoint my viewers under 13…I don’t know about you, but the Jonas

Brothers just can’t give me that motivation I need to push that extra rep. We’re talking heavy weight here (well for somebody my size anyways).

Here are some of my favorite gym workout songs. You can make a CD mix if you want…a mix

1.) Holliwood Pennsylvania – “Duece and

Roll” – You need something fast to warm you up. This song goes so hard and so fast, I lost myself in this one on the road, and thankfully I didn’t see

flashing red and blue lights

2.) Rev Theory “Voices” – Yes, it is the Randy Orton theme song. (Randy Orton is from the WWE for those who don’t

know). It is also a good mid tempo hard rock song too

3.) Disturbed – “Stricken” – Something about the combination of that guitar riff and the

vocals gets me going insane. I even know a former exotic dancer who loved dancing to this song.

4.) Eminem “Lose Yourself” – One of the greatest

songs written period. The message is motivational, the beat is intense, and I apply the principals of this song into life.

5.) Kings of Dreamland

“So Find I” – Did I mention you can mosh to this song, raise hell, and crowd surf to this song too? Jump up and get that extra

pull up done with this song!

6.) DMX – “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” – Everything about this song gets you hyped up. The beat, DMX’s signature sound.

There’s even people bench pressing in the video.

7.) Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – If you don’t get pumped up by this riff, then get

your head checked. I don’t need to explain myself on this song.

8.) Blur – “Song 2” – Hey, it’s used by Penn State several times per football

game in Beaver Stadium. You have 100,000 chanting along to this song, so it must have some kind of impact.

9.) Nas ft Diddy (when he was P.

Diddy) – “Hate Me Now” – The words are motivational. Makes you want to hit a punching bag. Whatever good you do, seems like somebody always hates on it.

Get ready for somebody to shout “Steroids” after you put in work to transform your body. Just smile as the fat ass next to you gives you that dirty look!

10.) Linkin Park – “Given Up” – When you’re angry at the world, blast this til you can’t hear!

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11.) Limp Bizkit –

“Break Stuff” – The ultimate in pants saggin, NY Yankee fitted, white boy rage…around 1999! May not be a very lyrical song, but it gets the mood set

12.) System of a Down – “Attack” – A lot of you may not know this song. Every time I charge my MP3 player, this is the very first song that comes

on. As onslaught of rapid guitar and noise, combined with a touch of melody.

13.) Ozzy Osbourne – “Iron Man” – Wow, can’t believe how long this

song has been out. It was ahead of its time. Of course a must listen in the weight lifting world.

14.) Diddy (When he called himself Puff Daddy),

Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes – “Victory” – The title of the song speaks for itself. This song went hard and it still does.

15.) Lupe Fiasco –

“Go Go Gadget Flow” – Highly recommended for sprint/jog intervals. This is one of the songs I use when I’m running in the usually sunny decent winter

weather of the south

16.) Black Eyed Peas ft Papa Roach – “Anxiety” – Yes, here’s a curveball. I know you didn’t expect this one. I like the

combination. Neither group deviates from their style, but their combined styles make it one crazy song.

Stay tuned for part two of my favorite

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