Congratulations…or should I feel sorry
For the boring life you

Never knew you’d be a reason
My heart froze
Once made of gold, I gambled it away
in the same city you took your vacation
2000 miles

from our last kiss right by the bay
Hope your six month plan was worth it for you
Say hi to fake Elvis for me
Hope it was a

magical night at the drive-thru

Wish I just went with my first thoughts and treated you like a groupie
Wish you never said the right things to

move me
Four years after that played out like a perfect movie
Or so I thought
I went to chase dreams, you looked the other way and forgot

know I was never there
All I could do was care
I never forgot the look in your eye
The day I told you “bye”
Didn’t let go when I saw you cry

Couldn’t believe I heard you found a new guy
Right after I touched down underneath the Carolina blue sky
The day after I wrote you that letter

And said you always were in my mind
You said nobody ever treated you better
And never spoke words so kind
But what can I believe anymore?

What was I hurting for?
Guess it was nothing
You’ll fit in during your Vegas Vacation
Sunglasses on at the table..doing what you do best…bluffing
I went all-in…thought it was worth fallin’

was the small blind in a big bind
Another bullshit hand to hold in my mind
I guess it’s time to give up hope you would fold and rewind
I already

got played for your downgrade
Guess next year, and you’ll take half.
You’ll be a mess, dear
And I’ll just laugh.

The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas, Autograph Collection, Las 

Vegas,NV,United States