Okay, here’s the real list. That first list, well…that was a teaser. Unfortunately, Rebecca Black, Lil B, and

Kim Kardashian didn’t make it to the real list. Anyways, here are my top 11 of 2011.

If you didn’t see my fake list, then look here:

11.) Red Hot Chili Peppers “Ethiopia”

– Flea’s bassline to start the song out is nasty! The chanting and melody in this track will have you singing along from the first time you hear it. This

is a funk influenced alternative track with a touch of African influences. The singing is infectious, but I could listen to just the bass intro on repeat

over and over.

10.) Wiz Khalifa

ft. Chevy Woods “Taylor Gang” – This year’s been huge for Wiz Khalifa, but you already knew that. He put Pittsburgh on the map worldwide with “Black and

Yellow”, which happens to be one of my ringtones (“Black and Yellow” was released on the radio last year, which is why I did not put it on the list).

“Taylor Gang”, from the Cabin Fever mixtape, gets you going a little crazy. I have a lot of fun while I’m probably dancing horribly to this song.

It’s also in my weight lifting mp3 player. People have probably yet to see why I look like I’m having so much fun while I’m torturing myself in the gym.

I just answered your question…next!

9.) Frank Ocean “American

Wedding” – Frank Ocean is the man! He has an R & B/Soul sound that doesn’t sound like… (insert pretty much every R & B singer out there right

now). This song, which is a recreation of The Eagles “Hotel California” caught my ear the most on his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape. However, there is

not one bad song on the mixtape. Before you old folks flip out and your dentures fall out, this is a mixtape, Frank Ocean recreated the song, and put it

out for free.

8.) Holliwood Pennsylvania “Pardon Letter” – Again, I will put my artists in here as well, because this is my list, and even if he

wasn’t, Holli created one of the craziest songs of the year, regardless. This is from his upcoming solo mixtape, ShotGun Slowdance, and he rhymed over

Kanye West’s “Say You Will”. This is probably my favorite song yet from Holli. Lyrically, this song is on a whole different level.

7.) Awolnation

“Sail” – For the first month this song was out, all I knew was the line “Blame it on my A.D.D.”. I finally typed in that lyric on Google, and found out who

sang the song. The rest is history. I played this song over and over. This dark electronic track is addictive. It was a fixture on rock radio all year. The

album, Megalithic Symphony is great as well. Every song sounds a different from each other. This song has a wide appeal from people who hate the

radio to the top 40 fans.

6.) Foo Fighters “Walk” – This is one of my favorite Foo Fighters songs yet. In fact, it’s my favorite since the

“Times Like These” acoustic version. This of course is from the awesome Wasting Light album. “Walk” is one of the songs you can stand listening to

over and over without wanting to break your radio.

5.) Yun6 Canon “On Dat Side of Town” – This is Yun6 Canon’s first street single since becoming a

solo artist earlier this year. I went “Holy S—” when I first heard this! I had to lower the volume several times, because there were little kids around

when he sent me the song. The beat by our good friend Romey Rome Beatz (who we unfortunately lost this past November as many of you already know…RIP)

will rattle your speakers! This isn’t the main single, since radio can’t really play this! But, I’m a dude, “Just 4 Yu” is for the ladies!

4.) Lupe

Fiasco – “Joaquin Phoenix” (Travis Barker version) – I always knew Lupe still had it! Don’t let Lasers fool you into thinking Lupe fell off! This song

goes back to the crazy lyrics that made me a big Lupe fan in the first place. Combine that with Travis Barker’s drumming skills and you get one incredible

musical journey. There is a new version of this song on Lupe’s excellent Friend of the People mixtape, but I still prefer this version.

3.) Game

ft. Yelawolf “Rough” – I bought Game’s R.E.D. album and Yelawolf’s Radioactive album recently. Both were solid efforts. This song is from the Hoodmorning

mixtape. The song sampled just happened to be one of my favorite tracks, which would be “Black” from Pearl Jam. Game and Yelawolf both kill their verses.

It’s that type of song you definitely can zone out to and press repeat.

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2.) Avenged Sevenfold “So Far Away”

– This is a sad, yet epic ballad by Avenged Sevenfold. I was a casual listener of their music, but this song made me want to listen to all of their songs.

Watching them perform this song live gives anyone the chills. Anyone who has lost someone close to them can definitely relate to this song. This is one of

the best ballads I’ve heard in a while.

1.) The Roots ft. Big K.R.I.T. – “Make My” – I casually listened to the Roots, and got more into them as I

went through college. But for some reason, this song really turned me into a fan. It could be a combination of great verses from Black Thought and Big

K.R.I.T. and the trance you’re put into as just the instruments play for the last two minutes of the song. The Undun

album is one of the best albums this year hands down! Unfortunately, your local rap radio station probably won’t play this song. I guess it doesn’t

appeal to your average 13 year old girl. However, I will play it, along with hip-hop heads all around the world.