I used to be your spark
Now I’m just your crying shoulder

became one after dark
as the summer nights grew colder
You walked on me then you walked away
Your stepping stone became a boulder
I was not

your ticket, I was the wrong game to play

I was sick of being a welcome mat
I called this love, you called this just another stat

nothings were nothing but lies
Bluffing with a disguise
A beautiful mask with crocodile tears in your eyes
My heart sank at first when I saw the

You said that you still care
But find every excuse not to be there
You wanted me to hold onto nothing
and believe this charade was fair

Lean on me with your crocodile tears
They will turn to ice
I was sedated with your first impression
So I did not think twice
You were

the mistake chosen
causing me to revisit rock bottom
Now my shoulder has frozen
Stuck in a deep freeze like the last month of autumn
When you

forced your goodbye
Upon me, head spinning faster everyday I stood by
Everyday I grow colder and colder
Temperatures at a record low

unleashed the demons skating on my cold shoulder
Everyday I grow colder and colder
Temperatures at a record low
Your frozen tears still remain

frosted on my cold shoulder

Copyright Matthew Bible 2011

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