My dude Marc-Jean has just

released his second single from the mixtape Purple Drink, called “Party Party

Party”. The video is fun. I definitely want to party with these cats next time I return to Penn State. I like the part around 1:23 when Marc-Jean is

drinking out of the keg. Looks like something I would’ve done. Showing other schools that we pregame like they party. I managed to graduate only paying

loans and not child support in three states, so I survived many nights like this. Anyways, Marc-Jean has made a splash on campus and beyond with his

mixtape, and he is showing the world State College can be known for original music, as opposed to the  hundreds and hundreds (or numbers that seem like it

is that many) of cover bands that show up at any given time. Here is the video below! Enjoy, and pass along to your friends!

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Download the Purple Drink mixtape here!