Lupe Fiasco recently released a track called “Jonylah Forever”, which is a tribute to Jonylah Watkins, the six month old child who was

murdered recently in Chicago. In this song, Lupe takes you on a journey of what this little girl could have grown up and became. This song is gripping

since it makes you think about an innocent life and how someone who was just smiling, crying, and breathing air was taken away from the world over

nonsense. Any human with half a heart would be emotionally affected by this murder, whether you shed a tear, or clenched your fist in anger. Things are

definitely out of control, and no, I don’t care to get into a political debate over guns. However, I don’t blame the Chief Keefs of the world either.

This brutal cycle of violence in Chicago existed way before the first rap song was created.   While some people may not agree with Lupe Fiasco, he does

actually stand up for something while most people sit back and let social problems go unnoticed.