I’m looking forward to the Food and Liquor II Lupe Fiasco. The Lupe I

knew never left us (you could hear it in the mixtape songs he recently did) like the songs from Friend of the People. Pretty much, I try to forget

the fact he was forced to do a bunch of cookie cutter tracks over stale repetitive Euro-Pop beats. Anyways, the new song, “Bitch Bad” is

more true to how we know Lupe as an artist. It has a great message to it. It takes a few listens to grasp his messages, which is how I like most of my

hip-hop. It downplays the stigma that being a “Bad Bitch” is a good thing. A man might like a “bad bitch” for lustful reasons, but most men don’t have any

desire to date a “bad bitch”. Are they going to go, “Mom, meet my BAD BITCH?”

I am not justifying men calling women bitches, especially if they do

not play the role. What’s wrong with being a woman or a lady? Most women and ladies find happiness. Most bitches are still single and lonely at age 40.

A line like “F—ing two bad bitches at the same damn time might sell a lot of records and lots of “girls” will gladly dance to the beat not really

paying attention to the lyrics, but if that’s all the more you want to think of yourself, then do not blame men or society for the way they may perceive

you.  Of course, some of the girls dancing to that track would not mind being one of Future’s two bad bitches for the night at the same damn time with all

the royalties he is earning from that song. It’s sad that many girls who have some intellectual potential would rather aspire to be one of the gold

digging, drama queen Basketball Wives, Jersey Housewives, Atlanta Housewives, Aliquippa Housewives (Okay, I’m kidding about that one) or whatever city

“housewives” decides to pollute next than someone like Michelle Obama. (I’m not even using her as anything political, do not get me started on my dislike

for most politics…I’m using her as a great example of a successful woman). They’d rather use their good looks to be money grubbing bottom feeders, than

somebody who can change and influence an entire nation. I just wanted to talk about my feelings on the topic. You can listen and agree or tell me to go to

hell and be a bad bitch at the same damn time!