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I want to expand my reach further!  I

know I have not been on this site like I should.  I’ve been tied up with work, with getting Yun6 Canon and Holliwood, Pennsylvania onto the next level,

and studying for my NASM certification.

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However, I still strive to be

a voice for independent music, health, and fitness online.  I want to showcase writing talent on my website!  I’ve featured work in the past from other

people, but want to do so on a regular basis.  I had wanted to put a separate magazine together, but that is further down the road, since the preparation

is hectic in order to get it right.  Now, it is time for me to pump out work quicker than ever!   I need help, since I am only a human being.  To be

considered, email some of your work to  Once your work will be showcased, I will make final edits to make sure spelling and

grammar are correct.  I do not accept is hatred toward somebody’s artistic work.  If somebody’s music sucks, I just do not post it.   I also do not

accept anything of a racist, bigoted, or terroristic nature.  I don’t mind a little controversy as long as it is thought provoking.  I try to keep the

work PG-13, however, I do post tracks with explicit language.  You will be compensated with 75% of the ad revenue your articles generate.  Bonuses and

rewards will also be given to the top writers who generate the most traffic.