If you need a quick energy boost or need to get a little rage out, then I recommend this track by

Linkin Park from their new album Living Things

called Victimized. It is one

of the heaviest songs Linkin Park has ever done, and it will likely appeal to fans of Hybrid Theory and Meteora who may not have liked

A Thousand Suns. Trolls might not like me, or I’m not considered “metal” enough since I liked that album (after getting used to it). However, it

does not sound like anything on Hybrid Theory or Meteora. It starts out very fast, then breaks down to a little part with Mike singing,

then Chester comes in with his signature scream. The instruments are all played at very fast speeds. Then, it drops into a live hip hop beat when Mike

comes through with some of his best raps. After that, Chester comes back with the screams a lot of LP fans have missed. The only thing I wish is that the

song was a bit longer. It is very short. This song will likely contribute to some speeding tickets out there.