On Tuesday, Canon and I were in the gym doing our regular crazy

workout, and we were intrigued by this piece of machinery that temporarily replaced one of my favorite ab benches. I didn’t know what the hell to do with

this. Then this lady named Denise, who is pretty awesome by the way, showed us about 15 different moves on this Pilates machine. Some were actually quite

difficult. She was stressing the fact you need a strong inner core. She said a lot of people may have a six pack but their abs might not be that strong

from within. It was halfway hilarious watching me do some of the Pilates moves, especially due to my sub-par coordination. I should actually experiment

with several classes and write about my experiences in them. Denise had trained military personnel in Belgium before returning to Charlotte last year.

You name a chain of gym in the Charlotte area, she’s probably made an impact there. She invited Canon and I to a Pilates class this past Wednesday. We

figured, why not, it’s good to break out of the normal routine once in a while. We warmed up with a bit of cardio, and showed up for class, ready to

learn. It was an hour long, we worked out every body part imaginable, and there were some challenging exercises, particularly with legs and hip flexors.

We weren’t total beginners just because I guess you could say we are in good shape already. You have to get the breathing down right and press your lower

back against the machine, pilates block, mat, or whichever you are using.

I felt great working out my chest yesterday. I felt a bit taller (As

tall as I can feel for my height), being stretched out, and building your inner core helps you in your heavy gym workouts, runs, helps prevent injuries,

and more. While I’m not a hardcore pilates expert yet, I can say I found something I may be doing at least once or twice a week in addition to my

workout. Laugh now, say pilates is for women only, thank me

later when your bench and dead lift increases, or your mile time improves with a stronger core.

Musicians, take note, you’ll learn

great breathing techniques you can take with you when you are rapping and especially if you are singing. My piece of advice for the day is learn some

pilates. Breathing techniques are a very important factor in your vocal talent. I personally advise all musicians to hit the gym at least three times a

week or anybody in general, but you don’t have to follow my advice…although in this instance you should!