I’ve been listening to and enjoying the new Kid Cudi album, Wzrd . It is his rock

effort, and as an outspoken, eclectic fan of many genres of music, I say it is pretty f’n awesome. He pulls off his rock project pretty well. It is

creative, it does not seem forced, and better yet, he can actually carry a tune. Of course, unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past four years, you

would already know that he has done a fair share of singing. This particular song right here shows how Kid Cudi can out pull off a legendary cover and get

praised by it, instead of having mobs of Internet trolls cuss him out while giving the video more and more Youtube hits. “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”

is a cover of the Leadbelly song, which was made famous by Nirvana and their chilling rendition of the song. Listen for yourself below and let me know you


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