Pay attention to this video from 0:50 onward. Keri Hilson keeps her words short and sweet as she tells aspiring artists not to give

up in their journey. It may not be their exact time to shine yet due to certain circumstances. In her opinion, music should be your passion, not something

you do just to chase a dollar. Of course, there’s nothing like making money doing what you love. As you can also see she is devoted to fitness in this

clip too. A little bonus, in my opinion, she plows through those push ups! She also strives to keep herself levelheaded in the music industry and not let

it get to her. It really is a brutal industry, yet it is extremely rewarding at the same time. Even if you have heard the same advice before that Keri

Hilson states in this video, it is refreshing to hear it from somebody else, especially if she is an artist you are influenced by and look up to.

Too many people

with talent think they should instantly be discovered. There’s so much competition out there. At the same time, you may have the talent, but is your head

on right? It’s easy to mentally breakdown, especially in the music industry. Are you ready to tackle the obstacles thrown your way? There are so many

things I can think of right now, way too many to write in this article. All you need is just a little patience (I’m singing that Guns N

Roses song in my head right now). I definitely did not have patience when I first started my involvement with music. I’m

glad I have learned to exhibit a little patience because I think I’d be in a bad situation if I was where I’m at now five years ago. I would have given

in to the easy temptations that you see on TV and succumbed to the BS that goes on behind the scenes. This video is not telling you to slack off, but to

keep working hard towards your goal and your time to shine will come.

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