I just received a submission last week from an artist, known as JproD.  I don’t just post anything, as I am

about getting quality music you might not have heard yet out to you.  With that said, I was impressed with the song, “Trill Shit, I Really Mean That”.  It

has influences from different geographical locations.  JproD prides himself as not trying

to be any artist and just being himself.  I can see him going far in the music world since his goals soar past getting one single or being the flavor of

the week, and he aims to make music from the heart.  He wants to be talked about 10 to 20 years from now after dropping his debut album to the masses like

how classic albums such as Get Rich Or Die Tryin, Reasonable Doubt, or Illmatic are still part of everyday common hip-hop conversations.

I get a Kendrick Lamar type vibe in this song with the subject matter, the

switching of flows, and the harmonizing.  Except to hear more about JproD in the near future.

Twitter: @IamJproD