Here’s some fire my boy Matt “Ngrave Mollard” spits as a featured

artist on his boy Joe Gray Skull’s upcoming mixtape. In fact, Joe and Ngrave are in the studio right now as I write this article! This song is called

“Straight Zoned”. I’m liking this. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the tape.

Damn, Ngrave…you’re finally releasing that long awaited

rap. It’s been what, since middle school? To those who don’t know, there’s a few good stories about Ngrave and myself that go back to middle school.

This was when I lived in the DC area the first time. Yeah, we definitely got in trouble a few times, we had the security guard and principal after us at

one point, chasing us down the hall while we were supposed to be in class just for starters. Of course, I don’t think the principal liked when I called

her a crackhead and I gave her a little Stone Cold Steve Austin “One Finger Salute”. How the hell was I a gifted student with straight A’s at the same

time? Anyways, this isn’t Matt Bible “Behind the Music”, this is Joe Gray Skull and Ngrave’s song “Straight Zoned”! Enjoy yourselves!


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