jshaw 2

Hip-hop with a social conscience while appealing to a wider, mainstream audience can be tricky to master at times.  However, J. Shaw, who is from

Lithonia, GA (a suburb of Atlanta), fills that void pretty well with his single, “Mrs. Know it All”.  “Mrs. Know it All” is about a woman who has chosen

the life of gold-digging and setting her priorities on material things, rather than building her wealth and knowledge.  The song is a warning to the men

not looking past the physical assets this woman possesses, unknowingly about to be blindsided with her manipulation and baggage.  One line in particular

stuck out for me.  J. Shaw says “She got a thousand dollar purse with them food

stamps in it”.  I think almost all of us know a woman like this.  The song is catchy as well.

J. Shaw was first inspired to contribute to hip-hop after hearing 2-Pac’s “I Get Around” at age seven. Vocally, he sounds a little bit like T.I. and reminds me a bit of a lot of his music from the album, Paper Trail .  I feel it would not be far

off to also sense a little Andre 3000 influence in the music as well.  Check out the music video below for “Mrs. Know it All”.  Gold Diggers might be a

little pissed off after watching this, but normal humans should enjoy the song!

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