As you may know if you’ve been following, I’ve been experimenting

with different ways to make money on the Internet.  I’ve been a member of Instant Cash Sweepstakes for almost a year now.  I’ve

been paid for every survey I do and every survey my referrals do (I get a matching amount for the money they make).  There are also $2 coin drawings every

four hours!  I’ve won those three times, and if your referrals win one, you win the matching amount!  The coins are accumulated through each survey you

and your referrals take.

Finally, there is the $50 daily prize from the tickets you accumulate from each mini survey you take and your referrals

take.  I know what you’re thinking…surveys…long…boring…I work 20 minutes only to get disqualified…and so on.  That is not the case

with Instant Cash Sweepstakes.   Finally, on March 30, 2013, I actually won the $50 prize.  Then, I received the payment.  No BS,

no gimmicks, just got my cash right away!  Instant Cash Sweepstakes has been paying people like me

since 2008.

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This is the 

home page of Instant Cash Sweepstakes.  I circled where it announced my $50 prize, and there is my face as well!


This is my 

paypal payment proof of $50.92 after I won.

This is my Paypal payment proof of $50.92 after I won.