I was so busy yesterday, I lost track of time. The particular gym I

was at yesterday closed at 7 pm. It was 6:05 PM, I threw on my gym clothes, go figure my pants were on backwards…I was in that much of a hurry, hurried

out of area I was working at, and I arrived at the gym at 6:12 PM. I threw all my things in my locker, then proceeded to the gym. I knew I had a heavy

back workout today, but surely not enough time to take one to two minute rests between my entire workout. Plus, I needed to run yesterday as well.

Luckily it was not crowded yesterday at that time. Most people are probably either shopping or watching TV or whatever they do when it’s 25 degrees

below average in the winter.

I stretched and began a super set of dead lifts and lat rows. After my warm up, I did 12 reps of dead lifts, then

went right to 12 reps of lat rows. I went back to dead lifts, and I did 12 more reps, then I pumped out 12 more reps of lat rows. The third and fourth

sets saw a decrease in reps, down to 10, and I needed assistance with lat rows at about rep number 8.

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Immediately after that, I ran over to the flat bench, I grabbed a 20 pound dumbbell and a 10 pound dumbbell, I wedged the 10 pound

dumbbell in between my feet, and did a set of 12 leg raises. Note, I grabbed onto the flat bench bar with 45 pounds so I could grab tightly in order for

my leg raises to be even slower and more effective. After that set, I immediately grab the 20 pound dumbbell and I perform 20 reps of standing dumbbell

twists (for the obliques). I repeat each exercise four times.

Next, I went over to the lying T Bar machine and I grabbed a bench next to it. I

did a super set of lying T Bar rows and reverse flys with the bench at the same angle as you would do incline dumbbell bench. I attempted four sets of 12

of each right in a row. The flys were particularly challenging and by the last set I could barely get 8 reps without a ton of assistance.


before running, I combined lower back hyper-extensions with pullups. I did each four times in this super set. Each set was until failure. At this point,

failure came relatively quickly. I usually use my music as motivation, but my mp3 player ran out of battery. (Good one Matt, maybe next time you’ll

charge your mp3 player before you go to the gym). Miley Cyrus was playing on the stereo system, replacing the System of a

Down in my headphones. I can’t really ‘Party in the USA’ when I’m trying to get one more pull-up into my workout.

Picture me with veins popping out, getting pumped up on the pull-up bar with Miley Cyrus joyfully singing in the background. Anyways, my back is

officially numb, then I proceeded to run on the treadmill. I did a fast mile and a half at a steady 9 mph. I luckily was able to catch some of the Jets-

Bengals game at that time. I was in the minority of Americans yesterday who were not stuffing their face with junk food watching some of the most athletic

people in the world on TV.

I finished off with a two burnout sets of crunches on a decline bench. I did as many reps as I could until failure with a 25 pound plate, then

did as many reps as I could without any plates, rested for 30 seconds and I repeated the process. Rolling out of bed was a little bit of a challenge this

morning, but I knew that as I was slowly stumbling out of the gym after a crazy workout.