Good morning! You’re probably groggy right now, since it is

Sunday. You probably slept in just because you can or just because you enjoyed a beer or ten last night. You need to wake up. If you had ten beers, you

probably do not want to add to the thousand plus calories from the beverages that gave many people the ability to get laid or the ability to dance (in

their minds) since your waist may grow the wrong way…unless you burned all those calories off.  (In that respect, if you did so, you should become a porn

star).  Now, how do I jump start a morning without putting unnecessary weight on?  I typically brew a cup of coffee, and use a packet of Truvia sweetener. It is a much

healthier alternative to sugar than your famous saccharin or aspartame filled favorites. It also has no calories and no crappy aftertaste.

As far as

the cream part of the coffee routine, sometimes I just opt for skim milk. But, when I want some additional flavor, I either choose a soy milk based

creamer, or I really like the Coffee Mate Natural Bliss low fat vanilla creamer. Although, it only clocks in at only 20 calories and one gram of fat, use

in MODERATION!!! Moderation is a concept we as Americans for the most part do not understand. I have made coffee for people, and I am just amazed at the

amount of creamer and number of sugar packets they put into one eight to ten ounce cup of coffee. This creamer, however, is a much better alternative to

most of the creamers you see in the grocery stores. Most are made with partially hydrogenated oils (Remember .49 grams of trans fats can be considered “0”

grams of trans fats…so READ YOUR LABELS), palm oils, and are packed with sugary substances. Usually, a serving clocks in at 35 to 40 calories. Who really

measures out one serving, unless they are pre-packaged? I saw a woman at a Sheetz in Morgantown, WV put in 10 French Vanilla creamers into her SMALL coffee on my trip back to Pittsburgh around

Thanksgiving. Sometimes we are in a mindset if an item is “free”, then we need to take as much as we can humanly consume.  Regardless, just trust me on how

I enjoy my coffee.  I can make a great cup of coffee for 20 calories.  After three or four coffees, I may have consumed 80 calories at the most.

Enjoy your morning jolt of coffee with these protein bars.